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Tradesmen International

2465 W. 12th St., Ste 3, Tempe, AZ, 85281
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Eric Cereske
We Maximize Workforce Productivity and Minimize Labor Costs through Custom Staffing Solutions. When it comes to America's craftsmen, Safety is Our #1 Core Value. From a client service perspective, helping contractors sustain high levels of workforce productivity is our priority. We do so by right-sizing skilled workforces, providing clients high-caliber craftsmen precisely as needed to meet an ever-fluctuating labor demand. Maintaining a balance of work-to-workers consistently results in substantially increased productivity, reduced Workers' Comp exposure and reduced costs.

Partner with Tradesmen International for construction staffing and "run lean" for long-term productivity and profitability. It doesn't matter what industry you serve. Running a lean workforce shouldn't be a reaction to economic or market pressures... it should be your way of doing business. Tradesmen clients are already achieving remarkable profit margin growth as the economy rebounds, by maintaining a smaller, "right-sized" core workforce of A and B+ employees, and supplementing them with high-quality contingent craftsmen only when their workload calls for it. This is the profit-building strategy that's delivering total control over labor-related costs: Maximizing Workforce Productivity Minimizing Workers' Comp Exposure Controlling Health Care/Benefits Costs Reducing SUTA/Unemployment Costs Reducing Hiring Costs and Hassles Managing Financial Impacts of Labor Legislation

Tradesmen International is uniquely positioned to provide you with the skilled craftsmen that make sense for your company through our construction staffing services. And, help you manage all your human resource requirements such as payroll administration, site-coordination and safety training. We adhere to strict recruiting measures and maintain a comprehensive safety program. At the same time, our Total Labor Support consulting services can help you improve your labor productivity and actually reduce labor costs across the board. Remember, Tradesmen is NOT a temporary service (like many construction staffing companies). Not only do we provide consultative services, we hire all our employees on a permanent basis, offering each full benefits, stable work, and opportunities for training.
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